Rentals at San Carlos

Owners who rent their condos do so directly or through a property management company. An Internet search will give you many choices.

The San Carlos employees on-site do not handle issues with the furnishings or condition of the condo you rent. They are here to manage the building and provide maintenance for the common areas.

If you have a service emergency, call the office at 251.948.1900 - examples would include an overflowing toilet, a leaking water heater or washing machine, or similar condition that will affect other condos if not corrected. If your air conditioner or clothes dryer is not working, please call your rental company or owner.

If you get locked out, please contact your rental company or owner.  If you get locked out during regular business hours, the Property Manager MAY be able to help you, provided the Owner/Rental Management company is available to confirm your identity.  After hours, contact your rental management company or owner.

The San Carlos office is on the third floor and there is an on-line contact form you may use to report issues or make comments.