Leave Only Footprints

A new ordinance has been enacted in Gulf Shores and will be enforced in 2016. Below is a summary and you should read the Gulf Shores Ordinance for specifics.

  • Any items left near the water will be removed by the city 1 hour after sunset. This includes chairs, umbrellas, toys, etc.
  • Digging of holes on the beach is restricted to no deeper than 12 inches and must be supervised by someone over 16 or well marked to prevent injury. You must fill the hole in before leaving or before sunset.

While not new for 2016 - Glass bottles/containers and pets are not allowed on the beach.

Weather Update

At this time there are no hurricane or tropical storm warnings for any portion of Alabama. 

Hurricane warnings are now in effect for the coast of Louisiana from Intracoastal City to Grand Isle. This means hurricane conditions are expected somewhere within the warning area. These warnings are typically issued 36 hours before the anticipated first occurrence of tropical-storm-force winds (39-plus mph), conditions that make outside preparations difficult or dangerous.

* Weather & Water Conditions Update *

Dear San Carlos Owners:

Please note that the waters are currently closed to the public.  I have placed notification signs throughout San Carlos and have also been conveying this information verbally.  The official warning reads as follows:

"** Warning:  Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, Panama City and South Walton Beach have posted double red flags due to “extreme surf conditions and presence of deadly rip currents.”  All waters are closed to the public. Anyone voluntarily entering the water is subject to arrest. The sand portions of the beaches remain open."

Changes in Storm Preparations: Information for Owners/Managers

As we were preparing for TS Gordon, several managers of Young's Suncoast Properties discussed ways to be more efficient in our preparations.  One of the things discussed was how to handle securing of furniture when needed.  We decided in an effort to be more efficient, instead of moving furniture INSIDE, to locate it to the west side of the balcony, turning furniture on sides and tables upside down so the are not "lifted" by the wind.  Lightweight furnishings were taken inside. 

San Carlos Elevator Update

The crews were on site at 7 am.  Parts arrived at 10 am.  They are aggressively working to get at least 1 elevator up.  I hope to have an update by 4pm.  I will post again as soon as I have an update.  I know several of you have check-ins you are concerned with, but at this time all I can offer is that they are being very diligent in their work.  

Elevator Update

Parts will be on site by 8 am. Our goal is to get them operational asap. No timeline can be offered at this time, other than we are hoping for sometime tomorrow..no guarantees on that due to the complexity of the equipment.

Lightening Strike Took Out Elevators

Please Be aware that tonight' lightening storm struck San Carlos. The results were damage to the drives on all 3 elevators. This is part of the computer electronics. 


Because the drives ate custom to the elevators, it is likely they will be down for multiple days. TK was out as soon as it occurred and has already ordered the required parts. I will find out later today when we can expect at least one to be operational.

San Carlos Parking Procedures Revisited

Hello everyone!  The busy season is upon us!

-We have a lot of new owners at San Carlos, as well as management agents for owners.  

Please find attached the written rules for parking passes for San Carlos, also available on the website at http://www.sancarlosgulfshoresal.com/sites/default/files/SanCarlosParkingRules.pdf