Gulf Shores Police Patrol Beach at San Carlos

In response to the issues with litter, under-age drinking, vandalism, and other crimes and offenses, the Gulf Shores Police Department has stationed two Officers on the beach at San Carlos.

From the Gulf Shores PD Facebook page.

If your top priorities when visiting the beach are being drunk and disorderly; breaking what you consider to be small rules like littering & leaving glass on the beach; urinating in public, using drugs, or engaging in violent or indecent behavior, Gulf Shores may not be for you. This is your warning.

Suncoast Beach Service - 2015 Prices

Suncoast Beach Services is our vendor for beach chairs and umbrellas and they have announced a price increase for 2015. The owner reports he “does not expect further increases over the next few years.” San Carlos HOA gets a commission from rentals – 2015 budget is $16,000 income.

1 day $30          5 - $110           
2 - $50              6 - $130
3 - $70              7 - $140
4 - $90                         

Baldwin Beach Express

The four-lane, $85 million Baldwin Beach Express is set to open next week, (Aug 15). It will be another alternative to route 59. The highway extends from Interstate 10 to the Foley Beach Express. See map. The Baldwin Beach Express will connect to I-65 in the next year.