Leave Only Footprints

A new ordinance has been enacted in Gulf Shores and will be enforced in 2016. Below is a summary and you should read the Gulf Shores Ordinance for specifics.

  • Any items left near the water will be removed by the city 1 hour after sunset. This includes chairs, umbrellas, toys, etc.
  • Digging of holes on the beach is restricted to no deeper than 12 inches and must be supervised by someone over 16 or well marked to prevent injury. You must fill the hole in before leaving or before sunset.

While not new for 2016 - Glass bottles/containers and pets are not allowed on the beach.

Spring Break Letter - Gulf Shores PD

News Release: This Is Your Warning:

Our policy hasn’t changed. The Gulf Shores Police Department is serious about quality of life issues.
We have said it before but just so we are clear: If your top priorities when visiting the beach are being drunk and disorderly; breaking what you consider to be small rules like underage drinking, littering & leaving glass on the beach; urinating in public, using drugs, or engaging in violent or indecent behavior, Gulf Shores is definitely not the place for you.

Century Link Schedule Update and Upgrade Information

Due to difficulty in some infrastructure, Centurylink did not get floors 4 and 3 completed on Friday.  Those will be completed tomorrow.

Also, please note that the Hardware upgrades (Prism TV box) will be scheduled May 2 - May 13 M-F as well.  We will once again start at the top and work our way down. Once this is complete your TV channels will all be upgraded.

Update on Centurylink Upgrade Schedule

The crews are moving at a good pace.  We will be upgrading the following units:




Tuesday, April 12               18th floor, 17th floor, 16th floor, 15th floor

Wednesday, April 13          14th floor, 12th floor, 11th floor, 10th floor


If we encounter any changes I will post a new update each evening.

Cable and Internet Upgrade

I just received the initial schedule from Centurylink today.  They have given me a tentative schedule for the first week only.  Once we are through Wednesday, they will confirm the second week schedule based on if they are running ahead of schedule or behind.  We will not go into units without notice.


Please be aware that you will see overlapping in the schedule.  This is to allow for flexibility in case they encounter any unforseen issues.


Baldwin Beach Express

The four-lane, $85 million Baldwin Beach Express is set to open next week, (Aug 15). It will be another alternative to route 59. The highway extends from Interstate 10 to the Foley Beach Express. See map. The Baldwin Beach Express will connect to I-65 in the next year.