Baldwin Beach Express

The four-lane, $85 million Baldwin Beach Express is set to open next week, (Aug 15). It will be another alternative to route 59. The highway extends from Interstate 10 to the Foley Beach Express. See map. The Baldwin Beach Express will connect to I-65 in the next year.

Gulf Shores Police Department - Spring Break 2014

The Gulf Shores Police Department has preparations in place for a safe and enjoyable #SpringBreak in anticipation of the college students and families planning to visit our beautiful beach.

The Spring Break season has officially begun and runs through the end of April. The Gulf Shores Police Department encourages all visitors and local residents to educate themselves, and become familiar with some of the municipal ordinances that help keep the City of Gulf Shores safe and enjoyable.

Below are some municipal ordinances relevant to Spring Break. The public is reminded that any violation of these ordinances may result in an arrest or the issuance of a Notice to Appear before a judge:

-Possession/serve/give an alcoholic beverage to a person under 21
-Possessing or displaying fraudulent identification
-Possessing an open container of alcohol within a public place
-Causing a public disturbance while intoxicated 
-Engaging in physical fighting or in violent, threatening behavior 
-Public indecency
-Sleeping on the beach 
-Loud music/Noise violations